Household chores in Spanish: obligations with TENER QUE & HAY QUE

¿Qué tareas domésticas te gusta hacer? That is how we ask what chores someone likes to do in Spanish. The expression household chores could be translated as LOS QUEHACERES and also as LAS TAREAS DEL HOGAR or LOS OFICIOS DE LA CASA. This lesson covers a few common chores in Spanish using a nice video, several mini-conversations and a main conversation to practice Spanish listening and everything presented in the lesson. Continue reading

Daily routine in Spanish: activities, reflexive pronouns, audio & practice

¿Qué haces todos los días? ¿Cuál es tu rutina diaria? These are two common questions we may ask somoeone about his daily routine in Spanish. There are so many activities we could do in a single day so if you are learning Spanish, why not learning how to say them. This lesson covers the most common activities in Spanish that people usually do in a regular day. You will find a nice video showing of these Spanish everyday activities, read and listen to several examples, learn some grammar tips about reflexive pronouns and verbs in Spanish and how to create sentences with the new vocabulary and verbs. We hope you are able to write and talk about your daily routine in Spanish by the end of this lesson. Continue reading