Greetings and farewells in Spanish – PDF Worksheet

Hello! We have designed this cool worksheet to help you practice the vocabulary for greetings and farewells in Spanish by solving some exercises in this PDF worksheet. We have also included an extra in-class activity for students to practice greeting one another in Spanish in the class.


Students can work individually or in pairs to solve the exercises in this worksheet.

Print the worksheet and give each student a copy. This worksheet consists of three exercises. For the first one, students must read the greetings and farewells in Spanish in the yellow box on the left and fill in the chart on the right depending on whether these phrases are formal or informal. As for the second one, students must match each greeting or questions with the best reply possible and then compare with a partner. Finally, they could use any of the expressions and questions in the worksheet to fill in the gaps in the basic conversation in the Spanish between two friends.

Spanish Worksheet Information:

Level: Beginners
Skill: Vocabulary
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Saludos y despedidas en español ejercicios pdf Spanish greetings and farewells pdf worksheet

Extra activity:

Students work in pairs to write a short dialogue similar to the one in the worksheet. They should use their one names and personal information. They can introduce themselves too if they know how to do it. It’s important that they use the expressions or questions for greetings and farewells in Spanish in the worksheet, as well as any other they might have heard of before. Please be careful with the intonation and pronunciation of each expression and make it as natural as possible.

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