Fruits and Vegetables in Spanish – PDF Crossword Puzzle

¡Hola! Thanks for joining us once again. This worksheet is aimed at helping you practice the vocabulary related to fruits and vegetables in Spanish through a crossword puzzle and a simple questionnaire. We hope this activity helps you better remember this vocabulary and use the appropriate phrases to answer questions on this topic.


Students work individually or in pairs to solve the crossword puzzle and answer the questions on this worksheet.

Students get a copy of the worksheet. First, they should read the clues (sentences) at the bottom of the crossword puzzle that determine which word goes in each numbered group of squares. The sentences on the left are related to the words downwards in the crossword puzzle, while the ones on the right represent those that will be written across. Students must find 15 words in the vocabulary for fruits and vegetables in Spanish in the crossword puzzle.

Finally, students answer some fairly common personal questions about fruits and vegetables that people often ask.

Worksheet information:

Level: Intermediate
Skill: Vocabulary
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Solve it online!

Read the clues to the right of the puzzle, find the answer, and write the name of the fruit or vegetable it describes in capital letters.

Extra activity:

Students prepare a short, two to three minute presentation talking about the benefits (myths and facts) of eating some fruits and vegetables to be healthy.

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