This is my House in Spanish – PDF Reading Worksheet

¡Hola! Thanks for learning Spanish with us. This time, we are sharing a nice worksheet with a passage about the house in Spanish including the vocabulary for rooms and parts of the house, as well as common house objects you will often hear about. This worksheet comes with two exercises for students to get the best out of this material.


Students could work individually or in pairs to solve the exercises on this worksheet.

In order to solve the exercises in this worksheet, students must read the passage about Francisco’s house. They will read a general description of the house first and then some details about the rooms, things and areas around the house in Spanish. For exercise No. 1, they must scan the text and answer the questions based on what Francisco says about it. For exercise No. 2, they must read the statements and mark them as “Verdadero” (True) or “Falso” (False) based on what is stated in the reading.

Worksheet information:

Level: Pre-Intermediate
Skill: Reading
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mi casa en español lectura ejercicios this is my house in Spanish pdf reading worksheet

Extra Practice:


Students work in pairs and read the passage again to draw a simple floor plan of the house as described in Spanish in the worksheet with its rooms and the names of the objects and places around the house. They should tag everything in their floor plan so that the teacher can actually tell whether they mastered the vocabulary or not. They could also make a floor plan of their dream house and present for the rest of the class in the next session.

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