Meeting People in Spanish – PDF Worksheet

¡Hola! Thanks for using our website to learn Spanish. This time, we are sharing a nice worksheet with some reading exercises with the vocabulary we hear when meeting people in Spanish, that is introductions and some beginner’s expressions in the language used to give some personal information.


Students could work individually or in pairs to solve the exercises on this worksheet.

In order to solve the exercises in this worksheet, students must read the four short passages on top of the page. These passages are simple introductions including the key vocabulary for meeting people in Spanish. If they have this knowledge, they could have a very basic conversation about names, ages and other information. Once students have read the passages, they must reply to the questions. There are three questions for each passage. Please make sure students write full sentences in the blanks, e.g. “Ella se llama Elizabeth“.

Worksheet information:

Level: Beginner
Skill: Reading
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presentandose en español Meeting people in Spanish pdf worksheet

Solve it online!

Read the short readings carefully and answer the questions on the interactive quiz. Try to use complete sentences.

Extra Activity:

Students play a role play activity. Each one of them pretends to be a famous Spanish-speaking person, perhaps from telenovelas, movies or writers. They must write a paragraph similar to the ones in the worksheet and then present to the rest of the class. They should include as much personal information as possible.

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