Describing People in Spanish – PDF Worksheet

Hello! This worksheet was designed to help you practice part of the vocabulary for describing people in Spanish by solving a very simple exercise in a PDF worksheet about this interesting topic. We hope it helps you learn different adjectives and the structure to use when describing someone’s appearance in the language. ¡Buena suerte!


Students could work individually or in pairs to solve the exercises on this worksheet.

This PDF worksheet includes a set of drawings showing people with different physical traits. They have been divided into two groups, each group matched to a set of sentences on the bottom of the worksheet. Basically, students must match the sentences in group No. 1 with the pictures in group No. 1 above by writing down the number of the description that matches each drawing. Likewise, they must analyze the second group of physical descriptions in Spanish and match them to the drawings in group No. 2.

Worksheet information:

Level: Pre-Intermediate
Skill: Vocabulary
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Describing People in Spanish - PDF Worksheet Describiendo personas en español ejercicios en PDF

Extra activity:

In groups of four, students find 10 drawings or pictures of famous people and print them out. Then, they also describe those pictures of people in Spanish into separate cards. In the classroom, they interchange their descriptions and pictures with another group, and each groups matches them properly and presents them to the rest of the class.

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