Getting to Know People in Spanish: PDF Worksheet

Hello! This worksheet aims at helping you practice some of the most important phrases and questions for getting to know people in Spanish, that is, a list of the most useful greetings, farewells and ways to introduce yourself in Spanish through the exercises in a PDF worksheet. In this activity, you will be able to talk about yourself in Spanish and practice saying things like your age, name, favorite color, hobbies and occupations among other things. Let’s start…


Students can work in pairs to solve the exercises in this worksheet. Print the worksheet. Give each student a copy of the worksheet. The first exercise about matching Spanish greetings and questions with their proper reply can be done individually, and then they compare with a partner. For the second exercise, they will need to complete their self introduction in Spanish first and then complete the second part with their partner’s information. Please encourage them to use the questions and phrases on exercise one.

Spanish Worksheet Information:

Level: Beginners
Skill: Speaking and Vocabulary
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Getting to Know People in Spanish: PDF Worksheet

Extra activity:

Students could work on a role play activity afterwards using the vocabulary for greetings, introductions and farewells in Spanish. One of them meets a friend that he/she hasn’t seen in a long time and has a basic conversation with him/her.