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This website was created as a tool for Spanish students who wish to improve their skills in the language and be an active part in the Spanish learning process. We provide free online lessons for basic topics in the language to help you communicate effectively and well. We do our best to make sure every lesson contains simple explanations, lots of examples as well as informative images and other resources.

We hope you can feel like in a lab for learning Spanish where you can learn by understanding concepts and then practicing through interactive quizzes. This site contains grammar lessons, vocabulary and more importantly a lot of Spanish listening activities to practice and enhance this ability. Check the main categories for lessons below or use the search bar below to look for specific topics. Again, welcome and enjoy learning Spanish – “Disfruta aprender español”.

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welcome to spanish learning lab, a free website to learn spanish

Basic Spanish I

The lessons in this category are aimed for students who are just starting to learn the language. Some of them are about introductions, greetings and the basic grammar rules like how to use subject pronouns, Spanish nouns and other parts of speech. The lessons follow a specific order we recomment for Spanish learning purposes so you acquire all the skills needed in the level. Most of them have interactive quizzes with nice tips, so making mistakes is an integral part of the process.

  • Using EL, LA, LOS, LAS in Spanish
    Definite articles: Los artículos definidos EL, LA, LOS, LAS
Basic Spanish II

This section includes a few grammar lessons like Spanish reflexive verbs and pronouns, possessive adjectives and special conjugations of verbs in the present tense such as stem changing verbs. Others will cover topics such as how to write and ask questions, describe houses and people and many other things.

  • A description of a family in Spanish - adjectives and SER
    Describing your family - Describiendo a la familia
Basic Spanish III

This section includes lessons that will make use of everything taught in Basic Spanish I and Basic Spanish II. The lessons are planned to be easy to understand and they include many examples using the key grammar and vocabulary from other lessons as well as videos from our Youtube Channel to make the Spanish learning experience even richer.

  • Talking about your daily routine in Spanish
    Talking about your daily routine - La rutina diaria


        1. Hola… AYUDAR is a verb so it does not have a singular form. It is a regular verb, so you can conjugate it as “Yo ayudo”, “tú ayudas” and so on. The singular would apply for nouns and adjectives in Spanish, e.g. “casa” -> “casas”. Hope it helps Jeremiah 🙂

  1. Hello,
    On the basic Weather Expressions lesson, there is an error: In general we use three verbs to talk about the weather in Spanish: HABER in its form HAY, ESTAR as ESTÁ and HACER as HAY.
    The second HAY should be HACE.

  2. Alex – you use “esta usando” for talking about what someone is wearing. What about llevar, llevar puesto, ponerse, etc.? I feel like different countries use different verbs to talk about what someone is actively wearing at a particular moment. I’m trying to figure out which countries/regions use which phrases.

    1. Hi Jessica. Sorry for the late answer. Yes, I think different countries use different phrases as well. USAR means “to wear” and it would a very basic way to say what you are wearing. I have heard “LLEVAR PUESTO” a lot from Mexican TV shows. Probably, it is more common for them to say “LLEVAR PUESTO”, e.g. “Llevo puesta una chaqueta”, which is the same as “Estoy usando una chaqueta” or “Me puse una chaqueta” (using PONERSE). I could not tell you which countries exactly use which phrases, but I am sure most of them if not all would understand what you mean when you use any of them.

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