Dialogues about Jobs and Occupations in Spanish – PDF worksheet

¡Hola! Thanks for joining us. We have designed a great worksheet to practice some essential phrases and questions to talk about jobs and occupations. This time, you will have the chance to work on a gap filling exercise based on dialogues about this topic and an in-class activity.


Students could work individually or in pairs to solve the exercises in this worksheet.

Print the worksheet and hand each student a copy. This worksheet contains three short dialogues or conversation excerpts with key questions to ask about people’s occupations in Spanish such as “¿En qué trabajas?” or “¿Qué haces?”, as well as their variations in the future tense to talk about dream jobs, for instance. This material also includes expressions to talk about salary, previous jobs and a few common professions. Students can see the available options to fill in the gaps on top of each dialogue, so they simply need to be careful in choosing the proper word or phrase to complete these short conversations.

Information about this Spanish worksheet

Level: Pre-intermediate
Skill: Speaking
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Dialogues about jobs and occupations in Spanish pdf worksheet diálogos con trabajos y ocupaciones en español

In-class activity:

Students choose a topic from the ones available in the dialogues to talk about it. The topics are related to a job you are getting in the summer (future tense), a new job you got (past tense) and a dream job (future and speculation). They should create their own dialogue about one of those three topics, rehearse it, and present to the rest of the class. Once students finish their dialogues, they should discuss if they would choose the main job they talked about as a career, and think how people usually choose the job they want to do.

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