Pastimes, Likes & Dislikes in Spanish – PDF Worksheet

Hello! This worksheet will make use of the vocabulary we presented in another worksheet on common pastimes in Spanish to make meaningful sentences about likes and dislikes in Spanish. We hope it helps you practice the vocabulary on this topic and this very important structure. ¡Buena suerte!


Students could work individually or in pairs to solve the exercises on this worksheet.

For this exercise, students have to take a look at the table on top, which includes a list of common hobbies in Spanish. On top of the table, there are five names of different people. Basically, the check marks represent which pastimes each person likes. If there is no check mark, it means they don’t have that pastime or ability. Then, students must use the info on the table to complete the sentences about pastimes, likes and dislikes in Spanish.

Worksheet information:

Level: Pre-Intermediate
Skill: Vocabulary/Speaking
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Pastimes, Likes & Dislikes in Spanish - PDF Worksheet - los pasatiempos en español ejercicios

Extra activity:

First, students create a similar table with ten different pastimes in Spanish. Then, they go around the classroom and ask five of their classmates whether they like those activities or not. They could use questions like “¿Cuál es tu pasatiempo favorito?” or ¿Te gusta + activity?. Then, they could make a report of the most important things they heard about the classmates’ pastimes, likes and dislikes in Spanish.

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