Personality Adjectives in Spanish – PDF Worksheet

¡Bienvenido! Thank you for using our resources to learn Spanish. We have designed a nice worksheet in order to help you practice the vocabulary for personality adjectives in Spanish by completing two exercises about this topic. Make sure to practice with the extra in-class activity for this material.


Students could work individually or in pairs to solve the exercises in this worksheet.

Each student gets a copy of the worksheet. For the first exercise, students have to put the adjectives in the correct column depending on whether they are positive or negative personality traits in Spanish. There are 15 words for each type, all of them listed on top of the worksheet. Afterwards, in the second exercise, they have to match the adjectives to the correct definitions, that is, find the adjective from the list that best fits the definitions that are provided.

Spanish Worksheet Information:

Level: Intermediate
Skill: Vocabulary
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Extra activity:

Students are divided into two groups for an in-class competition. The teacher has the definitions for all 30 personality adjectives in Spanish in the worksheet written/printed on paper stripes. Students take turns to come  to the front of the class, read the definition and their team members must guess which adjective the definition corresponds to. Each team has only three chances to guess. The team that gets the most words right wins.

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