Physical Appearance in Spanish – Basic dialogues in PDF

¡Hola! This time, we are sharing a nice PDF worksheet containing three basic dialogues with key questions and expressions that are often found in conversations about people’s physical appearance in Spanish. This material will be very helpful to understand a couple of situations when knowing how to describe people in Spanish can come handy.


Students could work individually or in pairs to solve the exercises in this worksheet.

Print the worksheet and hand each student a copy. This worksheet contains three short dialogues or conversation excerpts using common adjectives to describe people’s height, complexion and general look in Spanish. The dialogues will show different ways to ask about appearance too. Students can see the options to fill in the gaps on top of each dialogue, but they must think carefully where each word or phrase fits so that each dialogue makes sense.

Information about this Spanish Worksheet

Level: Pre-intermediate
Skill: Speaking
Related Lessons:

“To catch a thief” activity:

First, tell students that they are going to talk about a robbery at a museum. They could work in groups of three or four. Someone has stolen some valuable paintings. They must use their imagination to describe the physical appearance of the three suspects in Spanish through a dialogue. It’s necessary that one of them plays the role of a detective, asking the right questions to elicit information on physical descriptions. They could definitely help themselves by using some of the questions and expressions in this PDF worksheet. Additionally, students could add information about places in town or any other thing they consider important to make up an interesting story dialogue.

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