Singular and Plural Nouns in Spanish – PDF Worksheet

¡Hola! Thanks for joining us. This time, we will share a very interesting worksheet to practice the rules for the singular and plural of nouns in Spanish, something that also applies for adjectives in the language and other types of words. We hope you find it very useful. Let’s start…


Students could work by themselves or in pairs to solve the exercises on this worksheet.

First of all, this worksheet presents a short definition of grammatical number in Spanish and a chart with the basic rules to form the plural of nouns in Spanish. You can definitely review the rules by using that chart before students begin to work on the exercises. . This worksheet consists of two exercises: the first has to do with completing sentences or questions with the form of the nouns in parenthesis in plural in Spanish, whereas the second exercise is about finding the word to fill in the gaps. You must decide whether these words need to be in plural or singular form in Spanish.

Worksheet information:

Level: Beginners
Skill: Grammar
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Singular and Plural Nouns in Spanish - PDF Worksheet - Ejercicios sobre el plural y el singular en español
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