The Structure of Spanish Sentences – PDF Worksheet

¡Hola! Thanks for using our resources. This time, we are sharing a nice worksheet with two interesting exercises intended to test your knowledge about the structure of Spanish sentences. Hopefully, this material will help you reinforce what you already know about this topic. Let’s start…


Students could work by themselves or in pairs to solve the exercises on this worksheet.

To solve the exercises in this PDF worksheet, students must know how to identify ” el sujeto” (subject) and “el predicado” (predicate) and be familiar with some tenses in the language. For the first exercise, students must find both faulty and run-on sentences, that is, sentences that lack a verb or another element to convey a complete thought, as well as sentences that lack the correct punctuation. For this first exercise, they should only mark those sentences with the right structure and punctuation. As for the second exercise, students must unscramble the sentences and then write them down on the lines below, making sure to place everything in the right order to express the correct ideas while following the grammar rules for each tense.

Worksheet information:

Level: Intermediate
Skill: Grammar
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Class activity: A race to fix Spanish sentences

The teacher prepares a list of 10 sentences and divides the class in two groups of students. All the sentences must have grammar, punctuation mistakes or a missing part. Both teams make lines and then the teacher shows the first sentence to all of them. The first two students in the line should look at it and say the correct sentence as fast as possible. The team with the most correct sentences wins. Finally, the teacher provides some feedback on the rules and pronunciation mistakes.

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