Recognizing Colors in Spanish – PDF Word Soup

¡Hola! We designed this worksheet to help you practice the vocabulary for colors in Spanish by solving two simple exercises in a nice PDF worksheet. Hopefully, you will find the words soup challenging and useful to practice this key vocabulary.


Students can work individually or in pairs to solve the exercises in this worksheet.

  • Exercise No. 1: Students must think of a color that best describes each thing in the sentences. Some colors may not make sense depending on the context.
  • Exercise No. 2: Students must find fourteen different colors in Spanish in the word soup, just as it has been done with the word “Morado” (purple). The colors to be found are listed on the right of the words soup. For real life situations, some “colores” have synonyms, like “Café” and “Marrón”, or “Naranja” and “Anaranjado”.

Information about this worksheet:

Level: Beginners
Skill: Vocabulary
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Word soup and fill in the blanks activity for Spanish Colors in a PDF Worksheet

Solve it online – Interactive quiz:

Find the fourteen colors in Spanish that make up this word soup.

Extra Activity:

Students work in pairs to make more sentences like the ones shown on exercise one of the PDF worksheet. They should find other things in nature and describe their colors in Spanish, to make five new sentences like these:

  • La superficie del planeta Marte es de color marrón. (The surface of the planet Mars is brown.)
  • El águila calva es de color blanco, negro y amarillo. (The bald eagle is white, black and yellow.)

Once they have everything planned, students present to the rest of the class and the teacher provides feedback.

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