Countries and Nationalities in Spanish – PDF Worksheet

Hello! This PDF worksheet was designed to help you practice the vocabulary for countries, nationalities and languages in Spanish by solving the exercises in a PDF worksheet on this interesting topic. ¡Buena suerte!


Students could work by themselves or in pairs to solve the exercises on this worksheet.

To solve the first exercise, students must find out the countries and nationalities in Spanish of the people in the drawings on top of the worksheet. Students should read their names and the different ways to greet people in those countries. Then, they must complete each sentence with the country, nationality and languages people speak. There is an example available for them in the worksheet.  

Worksheet information:

Level: Beginners
Skill: Vocabulary/Grammar
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countries nationalities and languages in Spanish worksheet paises y nacionalidades español hoja de trabajo

Extra activity:

Students can make a list of sentences to talk about themselves, where they are from, their nationality and languages. They could also do the same types of sentences in the worksheet with famous people around the world and present to the rest of the class.

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