Family Tree in Spanish: PDF Worksheet

Hello! The exercises in this PDF worksheet will help you practice the vocabulary for family members by completing a family tree in Spanish and making sentences about the family.


Students can work individually or in groups to solve the exercises in this PDF worksheet. In the first exercise, they should take the titles of different family members from the gray box and write them down on top the correct boxes to complete the family tree in Spanish. As for the second exercise, make up five more sentences describing people in a family, just like in the example we provided ¡Buena suerte!

Information about this Spanish Worksheet

Level: Beginners
Skill: Vocabulary
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Family Members in Spanish: PDF Worksheet Exercises
Family Members in Spanish Worksheet

Extra activity:

The teacher ask students to put together their own family tree in Spanish for the next class. They should prepare a brief oral presentation to introduce the key members of their family and describe them if possible or say things like: “Este es mi papá. Se llama Mario”. Students should be encouraged to ask questions about their classmates’ families.