Giving directions in Spanish – Dialogue worksheet

¡Hola! Thanks for using our resources. This time, we are sharing a nice worksheet containing three basic dialogues in Spanish using different ways to ask for and give directions of places around town. This completion exercise will help you practice the vocabulary for places and prepositions of place in the language.


Students could work individually or in pairs to solve the exercises in this worksheet.

Print the worksheet and hand each student a copy. This worksheet contains three short dialogues or conversation excerpts using the vocabulary for places around town, prepositions of places, as well as other words and expressions that are useful to give or ask for directions. Students must choose one of the four options on top of the dialogues to complete them so that they make sense. Once they finish this exercise, students should work in pairs to practice the dialogues, work on pronunciation and make sure they fully understand their meaning, which can be helpful for other follow-up class activities or in real life.

Information about this Spanish Worksheet

Level: Pre-intermediate
Skill: Speaking
Related Lessons:

Activity: “En el extranjero” (abroad)

Students work in pairs to create a short conversation/dialogue about a “secret” place abroad, somewhere they would like to visit someday. They should talk about the places and landmarks in that town without mentioning its name or the country where it is located. They should add make-believe directions to the dialogue, e.g. “La Torre Eiffel está justo frente al Arco del Triunfo“. By using their imagination, it’s easy to have more places and information in the same dialogue. Once they have finished planning, they could get a couple of pictures of those places and then present for the class. Their classmates should guess what place abroad their classmates are talking about.

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