Making Friends in Spanish: Greetings and Introductions

This practical lesson will test your ability to understand and listen to different ways to introduce yourself and others in Spanish. We will go back to basic expressions such as “Me llamo…” and practice greetings as well. The lesson includes two basic Spanish listening activities with interactive quizzes, one of them about making friends in Spanish. Let’s start…

Making Friends in Spanish: Introductions and Greetings
Eres mi mejor amigo – You are my best friend.

Vocabulary review: Spanish Introductions – Las presentaciones

Greetings and introductions are the easiest and most useful phrases for making new friends in Spanish – hacer nuevos amigos. We will ask you to watch this short video in order to introduce the basic vocabulary for this lesson and understand the listening activities. The video is only in Spanish, so it is a great opportunity for listening practice as well. It introduces basic greetings and Spanish introductions, plus some very interesting examples.

Listening Activity No.1: Greeting and introducing oneself in Spanish

Listen to some basic questions and answers related to Spanish introductions and greetings. After that, solve the exercises in the interactive quiz below.

Listening Activity No.2: Making friends in Spanish

Listen to a short basic conversation using the vocabulary for greetings and introductions in Spanish. Pay attention to how these simple expressions can be used for making new friends in Spanish. Press PLAY when you are ready.

Key phrases and questions in the conversation:

  • Voy a llegar tarde… means “I’ll be late”
  • No me fijé… means “I didn’t notice”
  • ¿Por qué la prisa?… means “¿Why are you in a hurry?”
Conversation script: Making new friends in Spanish
Marcos: Debo ir a clases…. Voy a llegar tarde, debo correr…
Nancy: Oye, ten cuidado… se te cayó uno de los libros.
Marcos: Muchas gracias, no me fijé.
Nancy: Está bien. ¿Cómo te llamas? Te he visto antes en la universidad.
Marcos: Me llamo Marcos, ¿y tú?
Nancy: Mucho gusto Marcos. Yo soy Nancy. Dime Marcos, ¿Por qué la prisa?
Marcos: Es que voy a llegar tarde a mi clase de filosofía.
Nancy: ¿En serio? Yo también voy a mi clase de filosofía. ¿Cómo se llama tu profesor?
Marcos: Se llama Alan. ¿Lo conoces?
Nancy: Si claro, él también será mi profesor este semestre. ¡Mucho gusto de nuevo compañero de clases!
Marcos: ¡Encantado de conocerte Nancy!

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