Parts of the Body in Spanish – PDF Crossword Puzzle

¡Hola! Thanks for joining us once again. We created this worksheet for you to practice the vocabulary for parts of the body in Spanish through a crossword puzzle and another activity. We hope this worksheet helps you better remember this vocabulary and use the appropriate vocabulary and phrases to talk about the human body.


Students work individually or in pairs to solve the crossword puzzle and answer the questions on this worksheet.

Students get a copy of the worksheet. First, they should read the clues (sentences) at the bottom of the crossword puzzle that determine which word goes in each numbered group of squares. The sentences on the left are related to the words downwards in the crossword puzzle, whereas the ones on the right represent those that will be written across. Students must find 19 words in the vocabulary for the human body in Spanish in the crossword puzzle.

Finally, students must fill in the blanks to complete a paragraph about the human body by reading the clues next to the blanks and completing with the parts of the body in Spanish that make sense.

Worksheet information:

Level: Intermediate
Skill: Vocabulary
Related lessons:

Extra activity:

The teacher makes two lines of students. One students in front of the line make a sentence about a part of the body giving a clue without saying the actual part. The other student has 10 seconds to guess. If he guesses, then his/her team gets a point. Then, the student who answered gives a clue to the other student and so on.

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