Having a phone conversation in Spanish – PDF Worksheet

Hi! Thanks for joining us once again. We have designed this PDF worksheet to help you practice some very important expressions you need to know in order to have a phone conversation in Spanish with a friend or someone else. We hope you find this activity interesting and very helpful to learn more about ways to talk over the phone in Spanish.


Students work in pairs to solve the exercise on this worksheet.

Students or their teacher should divide the worksheet in two. Each student gets a piece of the worksheet. First, each student must put the questions or expressions in the right, logical order of a phone conversation in Spanish without taking a look at their partner’s part. Once they know the right order, the student who has Ariana’s part of the conversation goes first and say the first the sentence. Then the other student says the second one so that they can put together a basic telephone conversation. Students practice a couple of times and then they present the conversation to the rest of the class. The teacher evaluates whether they have it right or wrong.

Extra activity:

Students adapt the conversation to create a new telephone conversation of their own. They could pretend to have a customer service call with one of them being the customer of a company and the other a call center agent.

Spanish worksheet information:

Level: Intermediate
Skill: Speaking
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