A Historic Neighborhood in Spanish – PDF Reading Worksheet

¡Hola! Thanks for joining us today. This time, we are sharing a nice PDF worksheet with an interesting passage about a historic neighborhood in Spanish in Latin America, along with two reading comprehension exercises to get the best out of this material. This worksheet will be very useful to learn new adjectives, review the vocabulary for places and see the grammar for the past tense in use.


Students could work individually or in pairs to solve the exercises on this worksheet.

First of all, students should skim the reading to get a general idea. They will read about a famous neighborhood in Latin America with some interesting heritage and architecture. For exercise No. 1, they must scan the text and answer the questions about the neighborhood’s main features, areas of interest and history based on the information in the worksheet. For exercise No. 2, they must read the statements and then mark the ones that are true about “Ciudad Vieja”.

Worksheet information:

Level: Pre-Intermediate
Skill: Reading
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A Historic Neighborhood in Spanish - Reading PDF Worksheet un barrio histórico en español ejercicios lectura

Extra Activity:

Students work in pairs to underline all the different places in town that are mentioned in the reading and the different adjectives that were used to describe them. Then, they should reuse those places and adjectives to write a short description of historic neighborhood they have heard of in Spanish. They could use any other adjectives, add more places or any other thing they consider necessary to make their description of the place as complete as possible.

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