Describing Historical Figures in Spanish – PDF Reading Worksheet

Hello! Thanks for using our resources. This great PDF worksheet contains three short descriptions of historical figures in Spanish with information about their birthplace, their work and legacy for future generations. We hope you get the best out of this reading material, learn new vocabulary, and appreciate their contribution to history.


Students can work individually or in pairs to solve the exercises in this didactic material.

Each student gets a copy of the PDF worksheet, which includes three short descriptions of historical figures in Spanish: Frida Kahlo, Albert Einstein and Mozart. Students must read the short passages carefully, underline or highlight important information about each person, and then answer the questions in the first exercise based on the information provided. As for the second exercise, they should read again and write V (Verdadero) or F (Falso) in the boxes next to each statement, depending on whether they are true or false. There have been many important figures in history, but we chose these three for learning purposes; there is so much to tell about them, but we have omitted a lot of information about each figure to keep it simple.

Worksheet information:

Level: Pre-intermediate
Skill: Reading
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Extra activity:

Students work in groups of 3 or 4. Just like in the examples provided in the PDF worksheet, each group should select a historical figure they admire, someone whose work has been inspiring to them. Then, they must write a small summary of this person’s biggest achievements and challenges in life in Spanish, and prepare a poster paper or slides to share with their classmates. They should write a short footnote under each picture they use, so that their classmates understand better what they are talking about, e.g. any famous inventions or books this person wrote. The presentation should last two minutes, and make use of the simple past, present perfect in Spanish or any other tense they find necessary.

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