House objects and Furniture in Spanish – PDF Worksheet

Hello! Thanks for visiting our website. We have designed a very interesting worksheet on house objects and furniture in Spanish for you. This time, we will focus on the vocabulary you will need to talk about rooms and things around the house. We hope you can get the best out of this resource.


Students can work individually or in groups to solve the exercises in this worksheet.

First of all, students must be familiar with the vocabulary for the house including rooms like the living room (la sala), the bedroom (la habitación) and the kitchen (la cocina), not to mention the bathroom. Secondly, they should take a look at the items that have been numbered in the worksheet and write their names down in the empty boxes below the pictures. There is a total of 28 words for house objects and furniture in Spanish, including one for each of the four rooms where the objects are located.

Worksheet information:

Level: Beginners
Skill: Vocabulary
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Extra activity:

Students write or say five sentences about the objects and furniture in their house. Other students have to say what they think is true or false.

Option 1: Use the “En mi cuarto/cocina tengo…” (in my room/kitchen I have)… structure.
Option 2: Use the “En mi sala/baño hay” (in my living room/bathroom) there is/are…’ structure. 

  • E.g. Student 1: En mi cuarto hay un televisor muy grande
  • Student 2: Falso. Tú no tienes un televisor en tu cuarto. Está en la sala.
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