Common Spanish phrases and questions for basic conversations

A basic conversation in Spanish (una conversación simple) may include greetings, sometimes a simple introduction, numbers, countries and many other things we have studied in previous lessons. Using the right questions and expressions to start and finish a conversation in Spanish is very important. In this lesson you will learn how to make a good first impression in Spanish and how to use some questions and phrases in simple conversations in Spanish. You will learn how to ask and answer some common Spanish questions through a nice video and several audio examples, and then how they are used in real conversations in different situations. 

Some questions & phrases for simple conversations in Spanish (examples + audio) *

We will begin the lesson by watching a video showing some very important phrases and questions we use in everyday conversations in Spanish. You will learn how to use simple questions like ¿DÓNDE VIVES? (Where do you live?), ¿DE DÓNDE ERES? (Where are you from?) and some others. This is summary of the most important questions and expressions you need to to hold simple a conversation in Spanish, which will be explained with more details in the rest of the lesson.

Now that you watched the video, it is time to see more examples and their possible answers for the questions in the video. We will try to focus on basic things like age in Spanish, how to say where they live and a few other things. When asking a question in Spanish, remember that some Subject pronouns are more formal than others, for example TÚ is less formal than USTED, and the main verb of the question usually changes its form according to conjugation rules. Click on the play button to listen to the examples.

English question/expression Spanish expression/question Listen
Welcome to my new house Bienvenido a mi nueva casa
Where do you live? – I live in California ¿Dónde vives (tú)? – (Yo) vivo en California
How old are you? – I am 24 years old, and you? ¿Cuántos años tienes (tú)? – (Yo) tengo 24 años, ¿y tú?
Where were you born? – I was born in Texas ¿Dónde naciste (tú)? – (Yo) nací en Texas
Where are you from? – I am from Nicaragua ¿De dónde eres (tú)? – (Yo) soy de Nicaragua
Are you married or single? – I am single ¿(Usted) es casado o soltero? – (Yo) soy soltero
Do you have any children? – Yes/No ¿(Usted) tiene hijos? – Sí/No
What do you do? – I am a doctor ¿A qué te dedicas? – Soy doctor
What is your favorite color? – Blue ¿Cuál es tu color favorito? – El azul
Do you like football? – Yes, I do ¿Te gusta el fútbol? – Si me gusta
Thanks for coming today – Thank you! Gracias por venir hoy – Gracias a ti.

Communicate in Spanish: Making a good first impression in Spanish *

The key to a good first impression in Spanish is giving enough information about you, using the right greetings and farewells in Spanish:

Learn Spanish greetings, Spanish introductions and farewells in Spanish.

Making a good first impression in Spanish

Begin the conversation with a simple Spanish greeting like “¡Hola!” (Hello) or “¡Buenos días!”(Good morning!). To make it even better, add the name of the person you are greeting at the end, for example: ¡Hola Sra. Gonzalez! Also, ask the other person how he is doing in Spanish using “¿Cómo está?”. You may hear the answer “Bien” plus the question ¿y tú? so be polite and answer “Estoy bien” or using a similar expression.

Now introduce yourself in spanish using one these two expressions: “Mi nombre es” + your name or saying “Me llamo” + your name. Ask the other person the question “¿Cuál es su nombre?” or “¿Cómo se llama usted?”. It is common to say “¡Mucho gusto!” or “¡Es un placer!” after hearing someone’s name. Try to find an interesting topic to talk about in Spanish with that person and enjoy your time together.

Before saying goodbye in Spanish, use a simple expression telling him/her that you had a good time using “¡Fue un placer hablar con usted!” or “¡Ha sido un placer conocerlo!”. Then say “Adiós” or “¡Hasta pronto!”

Some examples of simple conversations in Spanish (script + audio) *

Here are some examples of basic conversations in Spanish in different situations using most of the expressions and questions presented throughout the lesson plus a few more useful conversational phrases in Spanish. We included the English translation and the script so you could what follow “las conversaciones” more easily. Press play to listen to the recording.

Conversations in English Conversations examples in Spanish Listen
Ali: Good morning! I come to the job interview …
Heidi: Yes of course, please sit
Ali: Thanks
Heidi: Well, what is your name?
Ali: My name is Ali Mendez
Heidi: Where do you live?
Ali: I live in the city of San Diego
Heidi: What do you do?
Ali: I’m a doctor. I am working part time in a clinic
Heidi: Well, give me a copy of your resume and we will review it. Thanks for coming.
Ali: Thank you.
Alí: ¡Buenos días! Vengo a la entrevista de trabajo…
Heidi: Si claro, siéntese por favor
Alí: Gracias
Heidi: Bien ¿Cúal es su nombre?
Alí: Me llamo Alí Mendez
Heidi: ¿Dónde vive usted?
Alí: Vivo en la ciudad de San Diego
Heidi: ¿A qué se dedica?
Alí: Soy doctor. Trabajo medio tiempo en una clínica
Heidi: Bien, deme una copia de su hoja de vida y la revisaremos. Gracias por venir.
Alí: Gracias a usted.
Ali: Hi Heidi! Please come in. Welcome to my new home
Heidi: Thank you Ali! How are you?
Ali: Okay, thank you. It’s a surprise to see you. Where do you live now?
Heidi: I live in Los Angeles.
Ali: I understand, but where you were born?
Heidi: I was born in Miami, but I moved to Los Angeles three years ago …
Alí: ¡Hola Heidi! Entra por favor. Bienvenida a mi nueva casa
Heidi: ¡Gracias Alí! ¿Cómo estás?
Alí: Muy bien, gracias. Es una sorpresa verte. ¿Dónde vives ahora?
Heidi: Vivo en Los Ángeles.
Alí: Entiendo, pero ¿dónde naciste?
Heidi: Nací en Miami, pero me mudé a Los Ángeles hace 3 años…
Ali: Hi! It is a long line, right?
Heidi: Yeah, I’m tired … What’s your name?
Ali: I’m Ali. Nice to meet you.
Heidi: My name is Heidi. Where are you from?
Ali: I’m from Mexico, but I live here in the United States
Heidi: I see. I’m from Honduras. Are you married or single?
Ali: I’m married. I have two children, a boy and a girl. And you?
Heidi: I’m single
Alí: ¡Hola! Es una fila larga ¿verdad?
Heidi: Si, ya estoy cansada… ¿Cómo te llamas?
Alí: Soy Alí. Mucho gusto.
Heidi: Mi nombre es Heidi. ¿De dónde eres?
Alí: Soy de México, pero vivo aquí en los Estados Unidos
Heidi: Entiendo. Yo soy de Honduras. ¿Eres casado o soltero?
Alí: Estoy casado. Tengo dos hijos: un niño y una niña. ¿y tú?
Heidi: Yo soy soltera
Ali: Today is my birthday!
Heidi: Congratulations. How old are you now?
Ali: I’m 25 years old … I will celebrate my birthday with cake and a football game. Do you like football?
Heidi: Yes of course, I like to see the world cup
Ali: uhmm .. a question What is your favorite color?
Heidi: My favorite color is red …
Ali: Well, then I’ll use a red shirt today
Alí: ¡Hoy es mi cumpleaños!
Heidi: Felicidades. ¿Cuántos años tienes ya?
Alí: Tengo 25 años… Voy a celebrar mi cumpleaños con pastel y un partido de futbol ¿Te gusta el futbol?
Heidi: Si claro, me gusta mucho ver el mundial
Alí: uhmm.. una pregunta ¿Cuál es tu color favorito?
Heidi: Mi color favorito es el rojo…
Alí: Bien, entonces usaré una camisa roja hoy

If you want to learn more about the way question work in Spanish and see more examples, check our lesson about questions in Spanish and their structure, which also includes lots of examples. Know that there are many other lessons related to this one in the basic Spanish lessons category

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