Messi’s Daily Routine in Spanish – PDF Reading Worksheet

Hello! Thank you for using our resources. We have designed this great worksheet on Lionel Messi’s daily routine to help you practice the vocabulary and structures related to this topic. We hope this material allows you to learn new words and better understand the different ways to talk about your daily activities in Spanish.


Students can work individually or in pairs to solve the exercises on the worksheet.

Each student gets a copy of the reading worksheet about Lionel Messi’s daily routine. Some of the information has been taken from various interviews, although some other details are fictitious in order to emphasize daily activities. Students must read the passage carefully, underline or highlight important information, and then answer the questions in the first exercise, as well as complete the sentences with reflexive and non-reflexive verbs in the second exercise. It is a good idea to give students some information about soccer and tell them about some important events such as the World Cup, possibly introducing the names of some of the participating and winning countries. This way, by having more context, they will be more interested in the worksheet’s content.

Worksheet information:

Level: Pre-intermediate
Skill: Reading
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Lectura sobre la rutina diaria de Lionel Messi con ejercicios en PDF

Extra activity:

Students work in pairs to find a list of verbs that were used in the passage to describe the activities the player does daily. Then, they must reuse these verbs to write a brief daily routine in Spanish with real or fictitious information about their favorite athlete, soccer or any other sport’s player. Finally, they prepare a short one-to-two minute presentation about the person they selected and share with the rest of the class. Their teacher provides feedback on grammar and vocabulary use.

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